Likes and Dislikes

Stone by Tim Carl

The mind is a funny thing — it will try and trick you. And the more you succumb, the more it takes control. Sounds like a conspiracy? Think about your mind like a little puppy. The puppy wants to tear things up, eat garbage, snap at heels, bark as loud and as often as it wants. If you don’t train your puppy and give it guidelines, it will often become unruly, unwelcome, and often vicious. If it runs the show, it will make those around it miserable.

Here are some exercises to get your mind trained.

1) Eat foods you don’t like, but that you know are good for you. Spinach? Eggplant? Fish? Tofu? Eat the food until you enjoy it. Try different recipes. You will enjoy it eventually. Really.

2) Do not hit the snooze alarm. Get up when the alarm goes off.

3) Become more accepting. Listen to folks that you don’t agree with, or even like. Work on this by listening to radio programs / TV hosts that really get under your skin. Take the offending person’s point of view and defend it to someone, sincerely.

4) Become less sensitive to what you might call “petty annoyance.” When someone is doing something that annoys you (like chewing with their mouth open), gain control over yourself and see if you can make the situation palatable, if not even enjoyable. What is the sound of chewing like? Think about how amazing it is that we can chew, that food can be broken down so quickly and efficiently. Find a way to like something about the “offending” person.

Gain control over your mind by gaining control over your likes and dislikes. If you do, you will become more happy, healthy and balanced.


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