If you need more time – try slowing down

Frog in Lettuce by Tim Carl

Frog in Lettuce

The key to finding more time is by effectively using the time you have.  Like the rest of us, you may feel constantly pulled this way and that, running from here to there, constantly fearing that you don’t having enough time to even take care of yourself. You might get up in the morning, hurry to get ready for work, and then rush to eat — there are probably many days that you feel exhausted even before you leave for work! You may often ask the questions: How can I find time to eat health? Or, how do I take better care of my mind, body and spirit, and how to I balance everything that is pulling at me? The answer to all these questions is: You must slow down. Way down. But how? You already said you don’t have enough time.

Try this short experiment.

Next time you find that you are your busiest, sit down for 5 minutes. Watch the world rush around you as you just sit. Breath deep. Do not think about what you are planning to do next. Do not think about what  you did in the past. Don’t judge yourself or others. Now, stand up and go back to what you where doing. But this time focus wholly on one element of the task for 5 minutes. For example, if you are sweeping the floor (this is something you should master!), just sweep the floor. Focus on the back and forth. No planning or thinking of the past or future. Just sweep. Feel the motion and smile at the result. Try this when you are writing, cooking, finishing homework, crunching numbers for a report, etc.

Doing this, If you’re like most people, you’ll find that you actually gain time. Strange, but true. We are all spending so much time worrying about the past or the future that we are actually loosing time. Focus on what you are doing and you’ll find you do a better job, have more time, and even feel better. Doing this certainly puts things in perspective.

Try this experiment every day for 10 minutes and, then, when you feel ready, expand the experiment to include more time and more activities. There are some other experiments that I’ll highlight later, but this is an easy, fun way to start.


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