Just Some Thoughts

Sunset by Tim CarlSomeone asked me a few months back if I have “rules that I live by.” I thought about it for a long time. I typically don’t like many “rules,” and I’ve found over my 48 years that most things that I think at one point in time change and evolve–sometime dramatically–over the years. However, there are some themes that I’ve found useful to help guide me, and so I thought I’d post them.

  • Expect a Positive outcome
  • Maintain Confidence
  • Persist through challenges
  • View all setbacks as important Learning opportunities
  • Desire Excellence
  • Create an environment of Tenacity and disciplined Drive

2 thoughts on “Just Some Thoughts

  1. Hi there, I am new to wordpress, and just having an aimless wander around these halls. I happened upon your blog, and really I never leave comments unless the gut warrants it, and this time it did. I love how reflective and concise you have made these statements and yet how it really is quite poetic. Lovely piece to read as I amble along.

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