Now and Then

timcarlI am a husband and father first, but like many members of the “X Generation” I’ve had numerous careers (six and counting). My current job as a winemaker seems to fit me well…

I grew up in St. Helena, in the middle of Napa Valley, surrounded by wine, vines and food, and I am proud to trace my Northern California grape-growing roots back to the mid-1800s. Prior to making wine, I received my PhD in biology, have worked as a professional chef, been a business consultant, played drums in a few bands, and spent time in the Navy where I drove ships in and out of the Persian Gulf. Overall I consider myself an adventurer, and I find writing and taking photos a natural response to life.

I’ve always written, but over the last few years I’ve taken it more seriously and hope to continue this trend. To date I’ve publishing more than twenty articles in professional journals, and have written many poems and short fiction. In this Blog I hope to provide some color and entertainment for those interested or just curious.


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